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It's time to start selling on WhatsApp

WhatsAppShop is a platform allowing Homepreneurs, Creatives, Facebook Sellers and more to easily and quickly build a shop to sell items through WhatsApp

Quickly and Easily Create your own WhatsAppShop

Your WhatsAppShop Dashboard allows you to easily add and configure your shop to start selling in no time!

  • Setup A Shop in Minutes
  • Manage Product and Categories
  • Manage Customers and Orders
  • Simple, Easy Interface!
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Customers Visit Your Very Own Branded Shop Front

Customers visit your shop by using your Public Shop Link or by scanning your custom shop QR-Code and make purchases.

  • Public Shop Link & Custom QR-Code
  • Your range of products on display, ready to sell
  • Customise your Shop Front!
  • Take Cash & Credit Card Payments.
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Receive Orders On WhatsApp

Quickly open a WhatsAppShop, add your products, sell anything and get your orders sent right to your WhatsApp number.

  • Receive Order On WhatsApp
  • Communicate with customers through WhatsApp
  • No Commission Taken
  • Free Trial, Cancel Anytime!
Key features
WhatsApp has over 2 Billion Monthly Users! Tap into that untouched revenue stream with WhatsAppShop.
Quick & Easy

Build a Shop in minutes.

Unlimited Products

Add as many as you like.

Customise Your Shop

Brand Colour, Logo and more!

Payment Options

Cash, Card & Bank Transfer.

Your Own Shop

Customer Facing Shop Front.

Customer Information

Know your customers!

Shop QR Code

Download Share & Print.

Zero Commision

Every penny you make is yours.

Cancel Anytime

No Ties, no commitments!

No More Complicated Ecommerce Systems!

Add your shop and start selling in no time...

Simple, Straight Pricing

Start your 7 day FREE Trial Today. Zero Commision, Cancel Anytime!

Per Month Per Shop
  • Your Own WhatsApp Number
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Your Own Shop Front
  • Shop QR Code To Share
  • No Fees To Pay
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Cash Payments Only
Start FREE Trial
Per Month Per Shop
WhatsAppShop Pro
  • Your Own WhatsApp Number
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Your Own Shop Front
  • Shop QR Code To Share
  • No Fees To Pay
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Cash & Card Payments
Start FREE Trial

Only the Pro Plan allows Credit / Debit Card Payments

You can cancel anytime and we dont take commision on any sales!

Helpful Answers

Still not sure? Here are some helpful answers to explain more.

WhatsAppShop is for everyone and anyone over the age of 13 who just needs a quick online shop to sell their wonderful products! With WhatsAppShop you do not need to worry about all the unnecessary overheads and complications that come with other Ecommerce platforms. Simply Add your products and sell!

Solopreneurs, Homepreneurs, Creatives, Startups, or anyone who simply wants a quick and effective selling platform without the fuss!

Orders then get sent right to your WhatsApp with all order information right there! Order details still go into your WhatsAppShop Dashboard as a backup just incase :)

Yes, you need to have WhatsApp on your mobile device in order to receive order notifications. You can always get a seperate mobile device with a seperate WhatsApp number to prevent mixing order messages with your personal WhatsApp messages.

Absolutely! You get your very own Shop Front that displays your products and categories. Every shop also gets a public Link and Custom QR Code to help direct customers to your shop. Every WhatsAppShop gets it's own dashboard to fully manage every aspect of your shop!

WhatsApp has an average of 2 Billion users per month! WhatsAppShop lets you utilise and tap into that customer base! Nearly everyone we know uses WhatsApp for chatting, why not use it to order goods too!

Using WhatsApp to order items makes everything quick and simple, WhatsAppShop provides the platform to enable this.

No more stress with over complicated and expensive ecommerce systems! WhatsappShop has everything you need to start selling fast!

When you add your first WhatsAppShop you already have Cash Payments setup. These are Bank Transfers, Cash on collection and Cash on Delivery options.

  • Bank Transfers

    Bank Transfers allows you to add your IBAN or Account number and Sort Code (if you are in the UK). Then customers can easily send payment directly to your bank before you send the goods!

  • Cash On Collection

    Cash On Collection allows customers to pay you in cash when they collect their items. Makes sure you have your business address added to your shop settings page so customers know where to collect.

  • Cash On Delivery

    Cash On Delivery allows customers to pay you in cash when when you deliver their items. Don't worry, we make sure to get he customers address during the checkout process so you will know where to deliver their goods!

If you want to add Credit Card Payments to your shop, you will need a WhatsAppShop Pro Subscription.

Yes. You can open as many shops as you like and manage them all individually from one intuitive dashboard! Easily jump from shop to shop managing each of their products, categories and more!

Each new shop you add will automatically increment your subscription based on which subscription you have, when you delete a shop your subscription will decrement. You can cancel your subscription for all shops anytime you like!

No! Any money you make from YOUR shop is YOURS! We do not take any commision or percentage of your sales, that's your business! We simply charge a monthly subscription per WhatsAppShop that you create from within your dashboard!

Yes, Absolutely! You are free to cancel your subscription anytime you like.

Simply visit the subscription area of your account and hit Cancel Subscription!

It's quick an easy to open a WhatsAppShop.